Whether you are looking to make shifts in your career or in your personal life, I provide a highly creative and supportive environment for your Self-Leadership to bloom. Drawing on over 15 years of therapeutic, coaching, and organizational experience, I bring a vivacious openness, listen deeply, ask thought provoking questions, and provide new insights, options, and highly individualized exercises to help you reach your particular goals. Additional hallmarks of my approach include:

  • Complete customization: No two processes are the same because no two people are the same.
  • A unique combination of practicality and depth: I assist you with diving into the well of your experience, moving past stumbling blocks, and increasing self-awareness while simultaneously making concrete changes.
  • A holistic perspective: I carefully consider your body, mind, emotions, and spirit along with your personal and professional life. This holistic view makes change, both big and small, much more likely.