"Cathy has the unique ability to zero in on a person's issues and strengths—an asset that startles people with its accuracy and offers them the insight to move forward.”

Blair Glaser, MA, NYLCAT, Founder of blairglaser.com, New York, NY

“I worked with Cathy Wasserman for ten weeks while I focused on defining my career ideals and setting goals. Immediately I sensed from Cathy a deep respect for her clients’ wisdom about themselves. She approached every meeting as though I was the only person who knew what the right thing for me was, and she was there to help me figure it out. While she gave me permission to think about the really big picture of my career, she also engaged me in the day to day challenges and decisions I faced. One hour with Cathy might include problem solving about a difficult professional relationship in one moment, and then move on to what kind of difference I see myself making in the world in the next. She moved seamlessly from forest to trees and back again, teaching me to manage dreams and possibilities with each other instead of in opposition. After every meeting I felt like there was a lot I could do to make my professional life more fulfilling. I ended our work with some very tangible results which serve me every day. I would recommend working with Cathy to anyone who seeks a space for personalized career development."

Marie Hoguet, Organization Development Graduate Student, New York, NY

“I hired Cathy Wasserman in 2006 to help me with my career path and direction. Cathy is a positive, professional and inspirational coach, and I would recommend her to anyone needing help with any stage of their career. Need help polishing a resume? Want to tap into that career change you always dreamed about? Need someone in your corner to cheer you on and help you focus? Need help organizing and prioritizing your contact list? Cathy helped me with all of these, and I felt a 100% improvement in my career management abilities and confidence. I would definitely hire her again.”

Pete Nuwayser, IT Professional, Washington, DC

"Cathy has truly been a champion in my job search, providing support and encouragement and reminding me of the big picture in the face of my occasional job search panic. I believe what she has to offer will be priceless to anyone who seeks to make a shift and allow what they do for a living become less about work and more about life.”

Jennifer Moore, Founder of Indulgent Health, indulgenthealth.com, Alexandria, VA

“Working with Cathy has helped me to clarify my career goals and to translate my experience and interests into a strong resume. Because of her recruiting and nonprofit experience she is able to give concrete advice on layout, vocabulary, narrative and job search strategy and tactics. She has a wonderfully compassionate and holistic approach to helping clients define and identify the elements of their careers that they want to grow.”

C. Jones, Communications Professional, New York, NY

“In just a few short months, Cathy has infused her intuitive and practical knowledge into my mind and spirit. Our work has made it possible for me to see not only my career, but my entire life in a new and exciting way. Her subtle, yet immensely powerful gift for coaching has inspired me deeply and has assisted me through one of the biggest transitions in my life thus far.”

Jenna Robinson, Professional Singer, Maui, HI

“Cathy Wasserman is a hybrid force coach—her manifold skill set and operational experience in organizational development, human resources, strategy consulting and therapeutic processes make her an invaluable hire as a partner and … coach. Her coaching methodology maps present and longitudinal objectives, simultaneously, through concretized planning, ephemeric visioning and strong and unwavering client support. This means each session results in definite take-aways and subtle perspective changes that serve to bring one closer to one's career and avocation objectives—should one's life change otherwise for the better, well, I've found that it's par for course! I am absolutely clear that contracting with Cathy is one of the smartest business and personal development decisions I will ever make. I will always be thrilled and secure with my sound decision to have her on board my enterprise.”

Pritha Ray Sircar, Multistakeholder Engagement, Strategic Partnerships & Advocacy Marketing Consultant, Brooklyn, NY

“You are a star! Thank you so much for all your advice and instruction. You’re one of the best investments I ever made. I really enjoyed working with you—you really pushed me to be clear about what I wanted and also helped me feel comfortable in my voice. Before I met you, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but my sessions with you and the homework you gave me focused me on what I needed to do and go after it. THANK YOU!!”

Anonymous, Fundraising Professional, New York, NY

"What has always impressed me about Cathy is her ability to offer concrete steps and actions to strengthen candidates alongside a more nuanced focus on motivation to seek a new professional challenge. In her writing, whether Ask Cathy or her contributions to the Idealist Guide to Nonprofit Careers, she transcends the typical nuts and bolts of career advising. Cathy can certainly help you find a job, but more importantly she listens and puts you on the path to locating fulfilling work. I regularly recommend her to friends and family who need guidance and support in changing or advancing their careers."

Russ Finkelstein, Former Associate Director, Action Without Borders/Idealist.org, Portland, OR

“Cathy helped me through a difficult time in my life. She was very creative in her methods and always looked for way to make the process very personal. I would recommend her to anyone that is in need of a life coach or career coach. I plan on keeping in touch with her and using her services in the future.”

Jennifer Insignares, Creative Graphic Designer, NY, NY

“Cathy was very helpful in getting me to think about how to effectively self-manage and provided me with tools to realize my potential and each my goals. The few sessions I had with her continue to benefit me today.”

Jude Paul Dizon, Graduate Student/Assistant, University of Vermont

“With great insight and well-honed skills Cathy helped me see the best in myself, focus on what is most important to me, and communicate that meaningfully.”

Nancy Hayden, International Security Specialist, Washington D.C.

“Cathy is the "go to" person for career counseling (as well as coaching). I've referred many of my clients to her, and they all rave about her approach and service.”

Janet Waterston, Human Resources Consultant, NY, NY

"I came to Cathy to get assistance in starting my own business. I am so thankful for her amazing guidance, help and insight! Working with her over the last few months has really helped me to shift and change some old patterns and beliefs and get much more clear about what I desire to create in my life. Cathy was so insightful in helping me discover and unravel many of my own blocks that I could not see myself but that were keeping me from moving forward. She has a profound sense of what lies beneath the surface and a very loving and gentle approach in helping pry that open for change to happen. She also provides very clear insight and direction for navigating one's path. She was the first person I have worked with over the years to really 'get me' and it was very affirming! She is truly amazing and has a great gift to share with the world!"

Elizabeth Joy Mueller, Founder, Soul Callings, NY, NY

"Cathy is a dedicated coach who consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty. She is not only a resume maven, she is also an inspiring mentor who is committed to nurturing talented people at all stages of their careers. Cathy helped guide me through several internships and my first full-time position, and she has been a positive figure from whom I can regularly solicit advice. Cathy is truly passionate about using her skill sets to further social change. She is a huge asset to the progressive movement.”

T.J. Helmstetter, Communications and Fundraising Strategist, NY, NY

"Cathy is a great listener who provides innovative recommendations in both my personal and professional endeavors. She has a gift for using personalized metaphors that allow me to leverage my strengths and work on my shortcomings more effectively.”

April Joy Damian, Student, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MA