• Coaching for all levels of staff and leaders to move you into the New Worklife Paradigm and increase your impact and fulfillment by more directly tap into your Self-Leadership and growing your creative problem solving, idea generation, and laser sharp relationship building expertise. Keeping staff satisfied and contributing their maximum is more critical than ever as you seek to do more with fewer staff and smaller budgets
  • On-site customized workshops including staff recruitment and retention to attract and retain 21st century individuals with the skills, expertise, and attitude necessary to keep your organization thriving—hiring the right staff from the start not only saves you significant money, but also allows you to keep your focus on your organization's mission


Success in today’s workplace requires expert and nuanced communication, an abundance of new ideas, and a finely tuned ability to use the best of your talents and energy. But with so much being asked of you, it can be difficult to lead yourself with focus and direction over the long term, let alone your staff. I coach and train a wide variety of professionals—from CEOs to frontline managers representing a range of industries—in maximizing their impact and enjoyment of their work by stepping back, assessing core strengths and growth areas, and increasing both personal and organizational resources.

The process may also include:

  • Clarifying your unique calling card to increase your effectiveness
  • Expanding your ability to do more in less time
  • Increasing the motivation and Self-Leadership of your staff
  • Successfully managing your boss
  • Fine-tuning your ability to resolve conflicts and navigate the subtleties of difference
  • Creating significant and inspiring professional and personal goals
  • Preventing burnout and learning to live more holistically
  • Positioning for a promotion and salary increase

Highly customized services are available in person, over the phone, or through Skype both privately and within organizations:


The Self-Leader: A package of 12, 24 or more consecutive sessions that provides a potent opportunity to quickly become a standout leader or manager. A great fit if you are looking to maximize your investment by receiving regular support and guidance.

Consultations: Individual sessions give you the opportunity to get periodic targeted feedback on a range of topics. The right choice if you are looking to tweak your leadership and management style or you have completed the Self-Leader and are seeking a tune-up.

Additionally, a wide variety of training workshops that build your staff’s Self-Leadership and overall effectiveness are available, such as:

Interviewing: The Art of Authentic Selection

Increase your staff’s ability to accurately assess candidates by creating an interviewing process that uncovers whether applicants really have the skills, goals, attitude, and values that are the right fit for your organization. A good option if you are looking to bring on new staff who can hit the ground running and make lasting contributions.

Organizational Self-Leadership: Creating and Maintaining a Cutting Edge Culture & Team

Increase your staff’s impact and build your organization’s unique culture and team on a daily basis while also learning respectful and powerful techniques to address organizational imbalances and blocks. A useful option if your organization is going through change or you think that your team could be even more successful.

Self-Leadership for Managers and Leaders

Increase your leaders’ and managers’ Self-Leadership and ability to motivate, innovate, and create an inspiring and productive environment for their staff. The right choice if you are looking to reward management with eye-opening tools that they can bring back to their own staff.

All workshops can be presented as half or full days. Individual follow-up coaching is recommended to ensure the application of learning.