• Guidance and support to maximize your ability to live most fully in 21st Century Worklife, connect with your authentic core, goals, and passions, as well as with other people and community
  • Deep support and customized tools to turn the panic, uncertainty and doubt that is so prevalent in our world right now into purpose


When you slow down and take the time to connect with your true hopes, passions, and gifts, you provide an opening for significant personal and professional growth. But it is not always easy to slow down; indeed, it takes plenty of practice and support. Merging practicality with depth, I assist you in creating both internal tranquility and an impassioned approach to living. Whether you are seeking to regain your footing after a major transition such as divorce, the death of a loved one, or school graduation, looking for greater intimacy, hoping to make a professional or life shift, or wanting to experience more overall vitality, the process will provide direction, inspiration, and a strong foundation for your development.

I work with a wide range of individuals such as college students and young adults, women, artists, and entrepreneurs. The only prerequisite for beginning the process is an openness to possibility and growth.

The process may also include:

  • Accessing more of your creativity
  • Positively shifting relationship patterns with family, friends, and partners
  • Breaking through cognitive and emotional obstacles to change
  • Using difficult experiences to serve you, not limit you
  • Expanding your community to reflect more of your whole self
  • Improving your self-care habits such as diet, sleep, exercise, and moderating your use of technology
  • Building more balance internally and externally
  • Creating daily practices to help ensure the momentum of change

Highly customized services are available in person over the phone, and through Skype:

The Self-Leader:
A program of 12, 24, or more consecutive sessions designed for individuals looking to make shifts in their lives who are interested in committing to the process of transformation and receiving the substantial benefits of continuous support.

Individual sessions give you the opportunity to get periodic targeted feedback on a range of topics. The right choice if you are looking to get basic feedback on one particular aspect of your life or you have completed the Self-Leader and are seeking a tune-up.