Learn how to more fully enter and take advantage of the many opportunities of 21st Century Worklife—how you can get into the driver's seat of your career and bring more of yourself and your unique calling card to the table in the new careerscape!

  • If you have lost your job, immediate strategies to come back into the job market with a powerful bang including cutting edge re-tooling of the traditional resume/cover letter, elevator speech and interview and creation of a creativity portfolio, which reflects your authentic calling card
  • If you are concerned about losing your job or you are seeking advancement, skill building and tools to keep you in charge of your career and help you stand out at a time when new ideas, creativity, and nuanced relationship building are more important than ever
  • Deep support and customized tools to turn the panic, uncertainty and doubt that is so prevalent in our world right now into purpose


Work, for most people today, is more than just a job. It reflects your larger life purpose and values, and often takes up the majority of your time. So it is more important than ever to find a career and an organization that not only matches your skills, but also your passions and vision. Doing so requires getting crystal clear about who you are and what you most want to contribute. Having clarity about your one-of-a-kind expertise, talents, and goals puts you in a great place to effectively communicate your added value without forcefully “selling” yourself, land an exciting new job, and ultimately, to fulfill your potential.

I work with individuals at all phases of their career in a variety of fields such as the arts, law, finance, social entrepreneurship, nonprofits and technology.

The process may also include:

  • Identifying careers and organizations that fit with your skills, goals, and values
  • Memorably articulating your unique calling card, making current and potential employers take serious note
  • Implementing and maintaining a dynamic job search strategy
  • Developing a creativity portifolio, including a cutting edge resume and cover letter
  • Sharing yourself, not selling yourself in interviews
  • Building and accessing your network in a systematic, energizing way
  • Effectively negotiating salary and benefits
  • Successfully switching sectors

Check out the November, 2005 issue of Working Mother magazine for some of my specific suggestions on making the transition from corporate to nonprofit work.

You also can find lots of career tips, including my Ask Cathy career coaching column in the Resources section.

Highly customized services are available in person, over the phone, or via Skpe both privately and within organizations:


The Self-Leader: A package of 12, 24, or more consecutive sessions that provides the opportunity to address personal and/or professional issues in depth. A great fit for individuals looking to make a career change.

Consultations: Individual sessions are a popular follow-up to the Self-Leader program and allow you to truly maximize your growth. Consultations are also available if you would like to receive targeted coaching on one aspect of your job search, such as your presentation for an upcoming interview or your resume.

Additionally, a wide variety of training workshops that build job-seeking and on-the-job skills are available to organizations looking to provide a critical resource for their clients and community, such as:

Acing Your Next Job Application: Identifying and Communicating Your Professional Passions

Participants learn skills to develop their resume and cover letter so that they reflect their unique professional calling card and naturally stand out.

Interviewing with Authority: Making an Authentic and Powerful Impression

Job applicants learn to overcome the mystery and anxiety surrounding the interviewing process and build skills to leave a genuine and powerful impression during interviews.

Networking: How to Connect More Deeply with Your Passions and People

Participants increase their ability to transform dry “elevator speeches” into vibrant connections that result in meaningful exchanges and the ability to engage a variety of stakeholders with ease.

All workshops can be presented as half or full days. Individual follow-up coaching is recommended to ensure the application of learning.