My name is Cathy Wasserman. I am a trained social worker, leadership coach, facilitator, writer, and social experimentrice who helps individuals, groups, and organizations anticipate and seize the opportunities in the rapid changes that our society is experiencing through a process that I call Self-Leadership.

We live at a time where one social system after the next is breaking down. Everything from the workplace to Wall Street is in need of re-imagining and renovation. I'm passionate about lifting the veil on stagnant norms and innovating new kinds of societal structures, relationships, ideas, programming, and organizations that move us toward more authentic possibilities for living and working!

Things are Ch-Ch-Changin’…Are You Ready for the New Worklife Paradigm?

Remember that REM song, “It’s the end of the world as we know it (And I feel fine)”? Well, in key ways, it is the end of the world as we know it, but you probably don’t feel fine.


The song begins: ”It starts with an earthquake” and right now, we’re in the middle of an economic, political, technological, social, and scientific earthquake that is crumbling once seemingly unshakeable systems–re-shaping everything from Wall St. to Main St.–right down to the very ways we live and work.

Did you know:

  • The traditional job hunt, resume, cover letter, elevator speech, and interview as performance art are all on life support
  • Traditional job security, benefits and retirement are now the exception to the rule and that won’t be shifting, even in a new economy and job market
  • The Mason Dixon line between work and life and who you are personally and professionally has become irrelevant

See, I wasn't kidding when I said there was an earthquake. Right about now, you probably feel some combination of frustration, confusion, anxiety, and some days, even panic. Maybe you’re wondering where your next paycheck will be coming from, if you‘ll be fired at the next drop of the stock market, or if your home value and 401K will ever be enough for retirement. You feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you by forces over which you have no control.

It has. But ignoring it won’t make it go away.

It’s time to acknowledge there is a whole New Worklife Paradigm emerging, one where you need to control your own trajectory…. whether you work for yourself or for a huge company or somewhere in between.

The Good News

Uncertainty and change are always scary. After all, in some ways, we’re dealing with the birth of a new way of life… but there’s a silver lining to what is happening.

You don’t have to sell yourself anymore, force yourself to fit into jobs and organizations, or be three different people: you on the job, you at home, and you looking for a job.

Instead, you can and should put your energy into getting to know the depth and breadth of who you are and figure out how you can contribute in a meaningful way each day. Continuously clarifying your ever-evolving calling card—the one-of-a-kind combination of  what ‘calls’ you… your passions, values, goals, talents, ideas, curiosities, mission/vision, experience, knowledge, accomplishments, working style, mutual radar society (formerly known as networking), and more—will provide you with a whole new set of personalized coordinates to navigate the emerging worklife map.

How I Can Help

My own calling card allows me to assist individuals from all walks of life in rolling up their sleeves and increasing their ability to harness and share their calling card. For me, there is nothing more gratifying because I deeply believe that the more people live in alignment with their true gifts and Self-Lead, the more we as individuals, communities, nations, and a planet can enjoy and make meaningful our brief time here. So let’s get started!

Self-Leadership is an intuitive and strategic approach to self-development that provides you with lifelong tools to access more of your internal and external resources, actively direct your path, and attain your vision. The process is rooted in the scientific premise that we use only a small percentage of our brain and that with increased self-awareness, focus, and support, it is possible to reach much more of our potential.

We work together to help you tap into and share your core strengths in your career, relationships, and life. Much like the way that ongoing training allows top athletes and musicians to excel, the ongoing practice of Self-Leadership allows you to excel at being your most authentic self. It also increases your ability to:

  • Clarify and align your daily life with your values, purpose, and passions
  • Connect more deeply with people
  • Break through obstacles to change
  • Live with greater joy, meaning, and freedom
  • Achieve a wide range of objectives such as building more fulfilling relationships, creating a standout job application, or maximizing your staff’s effectiveness

For more information on how the process works, please click here.

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